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Welcome St. Lawrence-Lewis BOCES Federation Members

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A Note From Your President


Greetings all,

Having been elected as the new FISP Union President in the latest election, I look forward to providing as much assistance and support as possible for you all.  The most important thing to remember is that a union is the coming together of people.  Therefore we are strongest when we all work together.



Yours in Solidarity,

Jeannie Blake



November 20, 2014: NorthWest Tech in Ogdensburg

December 18, 2014: NYSUT Office in Potsdam

January 15, 2015: NorthWest Tech in Ogdensburg

March 19, 2015: NYSUT Office in Potsdam

April 16, 2015: NorthWest Tech in Ogdensburg

May 21, 2015: NYSUT Office in Potsdam

June 18, 2015: NorthWest Tech in Ogdensburg


All meetings start at 3:30 pm.



Notify me if you want something added

With funds for higher education on the chopping block, many of NYSUT’s higher education locals have stepped up VOTE-COPE efforts.  VOTE- COPE is strengthened when everyone gives!  May I suggest that you just contribute what you might spend on a specialty coffee for one week?  Advocacy is so important; we have to fight for our members, students, and for our future.  Please give to VOTE-COPE…