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Welcome St. Lawrence-Lewis BOCES Federation Members

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A Note From Your President

 This years’ medical reimbursement form is on the website. Make sure it is filled out correctly, if it’s not, it will be mailed back to you.  Elections for officers will be held this year. All positions are available, so why not get involved and run for an office. I will be retiring this year. Someone needs to step to the plate and continue on.



  NOV.21              DEC. 19

 JAN. 16                NO MEETING IN FEBRUARY



Notify me if you want something added ...

With funds for higher education on the chopping block, many of NYSUT’s higher education locals have stepped up VOTE-COPE efforts.  VOTE- COPE is strengthened when everyone gives!  May I suggest that you just contribute what you might spend on a specialty coffee for one week?  Advocacy is so important; we have to fight for our members, students, and for our future.  Please give to VOTE-COPE…